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Happy Birthday Canada

Here it is, the big birthday. Canada is 150 years old as a confederation. It has a special meaning to me and it ties my journey in life to Canada. We (my wife, son and myself) came to Canada when the last big number was celebrated 25 years ago.
I actually fell in love with this country when I was here for 7 month as a student in 1988. I love this country and even after our extensive traveling through a lot of countries there is no other place I would rather live.
So this year we are planning a new (short) trip to the east coast through Ontario, Quebec, Labrador, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. It has been a while since we returned from the big trip in the spring of 2016 and it is time to get moving again – can not wait. Stay tuned for updates. We are planning on leaving July 29th together with our good friend Jane. So this time it will be one amigo and two amigas, will see how that will evolve.

Here is my wish list for Canada so it can be even a better place to live:
1. Be inclusive, keep working on this Canada, this is what makes this country great
2. Move away from Carbon/Fossil fuel economy, be innovative, protect our environment
3. End poverty across the country
4. Make Education and Health Care a federal matter not a provincial one, everyone deserves equal access to those essential services across the country
5. Canada needs national drug coverage plan, we are the only developed nation with a national Health Care Plan that does not have a drug plan
6. Find peace and meaningful dialogue and improvements to the lives of indigenous people, this country is way older than 150 years, indigenous people have a lot to teach us
7. Care about others and each others, Canada can never be allowed to hear: “Canada First”. What ever happened at the other end of the world will have an impact on us, so let’s never forget about that and support less fortunate people.
8. Keep being open minded Canada. If a country stops evolving and learning from others it will decline and be irrelevant. Canada is a great country but there is always room for improvement
9. Never let fear influence your decision making or change who you are. Politics of fear is counter productive
10. Through kindness, affection, honesty, truth and justice towards others we will benefit ourselves