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Heading Home

Low Tide Bay of Fundy

Art in the Park

Feli’s Naked Bike without the wind shield

Raquette Lake

We continued on to New River Beach Provincial Park, New Brunswick just past St.John. By then it was still sunny but very cool, because we were right at the Bay of Fundy. We were on our way home so from now on it was just one night at each place and ride on the next day. We crossed the border on Tuesday into Maine and made it to Northport, a small town, South of Belfast, Maine. Along the Atlantic coast in Maine it is very touristy with lots of campers, RV’s and Gift Shops. In Northport, we found a private campground, which had a cabin for us. It was supposed to rain that night and we did not want to pack up wet tents the next day. The cabin was very simple but a dry spot with a roof over our heads. That was important…and it rained indeed over night!

I should mention one incident before we got to our cabin. On the road to it, we had to stop once at the roadside. Heinz wanted to get the “after-bite” stick from me, because he was stung by a wasp right underneath the closure strap of his helmet. He came up to me to ask me, but since I had my ear plugs still in, I did not quite get his urgency (I thought it was a mosquito bite!) and questioned whether I really had to get off and dig deep into my backpack for it. He was annoyed, got back on his bike, tried to pass me on my right, but I had lost my balance at the same time and dropped with the bike right into his. On that occasion, my bike’s windshield broke and also the starter button. An unfortunate case of misunderstanding and damage. Anyway, I had to ride the rest of the trip without a windshield, which was at times challenging, and Heinz fixed the starter button so I could still use it until we arrived home. Could have been worse, but I was mad for a while, mostly at myself!!

So, the next day we decided it had to be Motel again. We rode through the white mountains of New Hampshire, at first wanted to stop for the night in Lincoln, but that turned out to be an expensive tourist town with no affordable Motel. At the end of the day we found an excellent luxurious Motel in Lebanon, N.H. Dinner and breakfast was included so we didn’t feel so bad after we looked at the bill. We had a full kitchen in the room that we didn’t even use. It was a nice treat towards the end of our trip.

We had been very lucky with the weather, it always looked cloudy and ready to rain but thank God never did.

Thursday, we spent our last camp night in New York State at Raquette Lake in the Adirondacks. It was getting cold at night and we could almost feel the seasonal change to fall already. We had a beautiful site right at the lake, enjoyed our last camp dinner with Knorr side kick and scrumptious meatballs and of course a good beer!!

Heinz had contacted our friends Christa and Jim to see if we could spend our very last night in Niagara on the Lake at their cottage, before we finally then rode home.

And…we were lucky!! Friday at around 5 pm we arrived at their doorstep. We had a

Sunset Bay of Fundy

Give me some love

great evening with both of them, Jim made delicious dinner for us, we shared lots of stories over good wine and beer.

Saturday morning though we had to vacate our spot for more visitors to arrive at their cottage, which was totally fine.

Now it was time to part with our trusted, funny, social and talkative riding buddy Jane.

We all enjoyed this trip together, we were a great match, no arguments or differences, agreeable to anything…it was great fun and we all learned from each other!


One thought on “Heading Home

  1. Curlie and Jan

    Good to read about the rest of your trip . Sounds like you had lots of good experiences and that you enjoyed seeing another part of Canada . And now you are home ?
    We are off to Tem . this Wed.until the 11th so perhaps we can get together before we head to Portugal ?
    Curlie and Jan