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Home Again

Say Good Bye to Beach Woods in Florida

Say Good Bye to Beach Woods in Florida

Winston our host in Marion Ohio

Winston our host in Marion Ohio


Last week Tuesday we left our cozy place in Melbourne beach, Florida to ride home. The weather was still wonderfully sunny and warm. On that day we made it to Savannah, Georgia to spend the night at the Travellodge Suites. Gradually the weather turned cooler and we had to adapt. Something not so familiar to us anymore!

The next day we rode up to Wytheville, Virginia. That’s when “ early spring” really hit us with cool Temperatures and leafless trees but still lots of sun. It was nice to ride on twisty roads through the Smokey Mountains again without slow moving trucks, dogs, donkeys or Guanacos on the road!

When planning our trip home from Florida we found one address in Ohio from the Motostays website. We had contacted Winston in Marion, Ohio before we left and he was kind enough to welcome us into his home for one night.

Winston lives by himself, owns several bikes and is an avid BMW fan. He took us out for dinner and we spent a great evening in his cozy kitchen and shared lots of good stories. After a home cooked breakfast we left the next day. We had gained a new friend, who vowed to come

We did it!!!

We did it!!! Back home in one piece.

for a visit in the very near future. Gracias to Winston!

Our next task was to cross the border into Canada in Detroit. Our customs broker in Miami made us promise that we would go to American customs before we leave the states to make sure to “ sign out” our bikes, so he would not run into trouble some time down the road. We even had a document, which we were supposed to show them.

Well, the gentleman at the customs office had no idea what to do with it and also didn’t understand what we were trying to tell him. He finally gave Miami a call and questioned their procedures in a very mean way. He could not believe that we were coming from South America, where it was way too dangerous to go. If it were up to him, nobody should ever do something like that, but rather go to an all- inclusive resort and stay there, where it is save!

Of course we vehemently objected but…generally not a good idea to argue with an official (from the Department of Homeland Security!) in the States. So without further ado we thanked him and left quickly!

So all that was left, was the last stretch on the good old 401 from Windsor to Fingal. Hurray, we turned into our side road on Friday April 15th  late afternoon after 343 days on the road.

We bumped into our oldest son Jarno, who waited for us at home for a while, but was just leaving. So he turned around and we were thrilled to see him right there.

Well, what can I say: it has been an incredibly wonderful trip, with so many wonderful experiences and stories to tell. We will definitely keep our grandchildren entertained with them and cherish the memories.

Just ask me and I will tell you I’d be ready to leave tomorrow for the next adventure!!!



4 thoughts on “Home Again

  1. Blake Ferguson

    Congratulations to you pair of weary wanderers! I have been following your progress all along and sending good vibes your way. Looks like sometimes you needed them.

    Glad to hear you’re back safe and sound. I’m sure Heinz is keen to get back to his desk??

    1. winterscheidth Post author

      Hi Blake
      Good to hear from you. Yeah I have to go back to work on Monday. How are you doing? No itch to buy a bike again?
      Cheers, Heinz

      1. Blake Ferguson

        Oh, lots of itches, especially at this time of year. I’ll just settle for the lawnmower for now.
        Doing great, loving retirement.
        Say Hi to the gang at work.
        All the best.