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Easter Sunday

Happy Easter!!

Snow Easter Sunday

Snow Easter Sunday

When I look outside, I see snow…again. Right now I can not even imagine putting on my riding gear and getting on my bike let alone riding out west!!

In about a month we should be all ready to leave. In this weather it is even hard for Heinz to head into our shop and work on our bikes, especially after battling a bad cold for 2 weeks now. There is still much to do: putting his bike together after the transmission re-build, new cables for the carburetors, new brake pads, tires and extra lights for both of the bikes etc. So once the weather will turn into more spring-like conditions, the excitement will keep building up.

Then the boys have to be picked up from University. Julian’s belongings have to be stored at home, because he is heading to France for a year in September.

Lots of people ask me: have you picked a date? What day are you leaving? Did you pack your stuff already? Which route are you taking?

Well, we will leave when everything is ready, first week of May, I can probably pack in 15 Minutes, because I can’t take much anyway and we haven’t mapped out a specific route.

We will decide on a daily basis which route we take, that’s the beauty of this trip.

So right now, let’s pray for this ” white stuff” outside to disappear and for some warmer weather!!

Feli W.

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