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Welcome to the great wild North

After leaving Jasper National Park we were heading North towards Prince George. We stopped at Mount Robson for a short while to enjoy the view of this majestic mountain, which is the highest in the Canadian Rockies.

Mount Robson

Mount Robson

We made it to Bear Lake Provincial Park north of Prince George to camp at a site near the lake. The mosquitos were killing us, eating us alive – welcome to the north!! We decided to ride to Bear Lake to eat out instead of cooking, but there was no place to eat out so we returned to the campsite to cook. Never cooked that fast and went that fast into the tent. Just wished there would be -10 degrees to kill off those bastards.

After a quick morning breakfast (damn mosquitos) we followed the Highway 97 towards the Alaska Highway. North of Prince George it is all endless forests and lakes. Most transport trucks are loaded with logs.

Peace River Valley

Peace River Valley

After enjoying warm weather it turned really windy and cold. We were stopping several times to add layers. It started raining and we pulled off to a side road so I could put my rain gear on. Got off the bike, got my rain gear and started putting it on when Feli casually mentioned that there is a bear ahead. It was a big grizzly bear about 100 meters ahead on a hill, looking at us. I thought holy crap, what now? Looked like the bear was looking at us as a protein source for lunch. But he just stared at us, not moving. We had the engines off and I was off my bike. It would have been interesting if he would have charged. One hundred meters down hill he could have done in 10 seconds. Would we have enough time to start the engines, get on the bike and go?? Thank god nothing happened. I finished putting my rain gear on and kept an eye on the grizzly and we left as quickly as possible.

So our wildlife tally is up to 10 black bears, 3 Grizzlies and some elk, moose and deer, but that last grizzly was way too close for comfort and in the middle of nowhere.

We are staying tonight at a motel in Fort St. John and heading to Fort Nelson tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “Welcome to the great wild North

  1. Mez Oliveira

    Hello Heinz,

    It looks like your trip is very exciting and I love the posts you and your lovely wife are uploading! This allows us to participate in a small way in your great adventure, that is truly amazing and we are thank for that. As a motorcyclist myself, I know how truly extraordinary this really is.

    Remember to keep a very good journal, I suspect you may have a good book here when you return.

    BTW, I hear the mosquitoes are as big as a Volkswagen ???

    Via con Dios amigo!

    Mez Oliveira

    1. winterscheidth Post author

      Hey Mez, you can join us if you want, sounds like you want to get out of the office :).
      Cheers, Heinz

  2. Richard Sy

    Hallo Felicitas und Heinz,
    auf eurer Tour wünsche ich Euch weiterhin viel Glück und Erfolg im Kampf mit der Natur. Eure website ist super.
    Dein “alter Nachbar” Richard

  3. Dan Caron

    Hi Feli and Heinz,

    Sounds like your adventure is going well, pictures look great and so are the stories. Keep them coming.

    A little News from Home:

    The donkeys now have 3 new friends, Gordi, Hersey and Oreo, they are baby goats (Heinz, how can I upload pictures). They took a week or so to become good buddies and everyone is now happy and healthy. Goats eat everything and I noticed ants were on their menu. Feli, you mentioned there were carpenter ants the house. Well, they are no longer there. I decided to put the goats to work and invited them into the house and guess what… they ate all the ants and when they were done they started nibbled on the furniture and the indoor plants. I sat down with them and explained the furniture and plants were off limits, problem solved…. now they are eating Kalvin’s (the cat) food…. Kalvin is not happy. I also
    taught the goats to go to the bathroom in Kalvin’s kitty litter box…. once again Kalvin is not happy. However Feli, your wish is my command and you no longer have an ant problem and I was able to solve the problem organically, without pesticides 🙂 .

    This is just one of the many heart warming and touching stories that I will post over the coming months because I don’t want you two the be home sick!

    As I mentioned before, I will take care of your home as if it was my home, how am I dong so far 🙂 .

    1. winterscheidth Post author

      You are doing just fine so far, have not yet received an e-mail from my insurance so the farm must be still there. Really – you are giving the goats names before you put them into the freezer – how cruel 🙂

  4. Daniel Garcia

    Ya’ll are straight crazy. But the good kind of crazy.

    I’m loving the photos of the scenery. I know your life is priority, but is it possible to post pics of the wildlife as well!? 😉

    BTW: Tell me you’re going through Belize. Please don’t miss Belize.

    Be safe ya’ll.


    1. winterscheidth Post author

      Hi Daniel, my camera is not good enough for dangerous wildlife. If it can eat me – I am not going to force it. Remember we are on bikes not in the secure environment of a car.
      Cheers, Heinz

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