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Montana and the first breakdown

After another night in a motel in Bozeman Montana I noticed that the steering was getting all funny on my bike. In any curve it would flutter and shake, downright scary. I checked it out at the motel, borrowed some tools from the maintenance guy and tried to adjust the bearing with limited success. There was a noticeable notch – pretty sure it had to be replaced. After a search online I found out that there is only one BMW dealer in Montana – in Missoula. After a three hour ride to get there ;the mechanic confirmed my diagnosis. The parts were ordered overnight and we were hoping to get away with a fixed bike on Friday.

A good bottle can save the day

A good bottle can save the day

Whenever something breaks down good things are happening. We found a nice campsite at the Bitterroot river with the snow covered Bitterroot mountains in the background – awesome.

Hike to the Bass Peak

Hike to the Bass Peak

Went for a nice hike up a mountain the next day and returned to the BMW dealership (BigSky Motorsports) to find out the parts were there earlier than expected and the bike was all set and fixed by Thursday afternoon. The staff at BigSky were super friendly – special thanks to Aaron, who was so helpful and cheerfull.

Kermit Chairs are the best

Kermit Chairs are the best

We gonna spend another night at the campsite near Florence and head back to Canada tomorrow.

Cheers and stay thirsty my friends, Heinz

4 thoughts on “Montana and the first breakdown

  1. Kenan

    Big Sky is an amazing area.

    Funny you stayed in Bozeman Montana. I got a flat there :).

    So how many bison burgers have you two had so far 🙂

  2. Michaela Grouven

    Hallo Ihr Lieben, wir sitzen hier grade mit Bea und Joop nach einem netten Dinner bei Pastos und denken an Euch. Haben grade gesehen,dass ihr auf dem Weg nach Banff seid.Weiterhin viel Spaß ohne weitere Breakdowns! Lieben Gruß von uns Allen!

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