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Going Away Party/Weekend

We had a great turn out for our Going Away Party yesterday. Heinz did a head count of 52 people.From old friends, squash friends,airhead buddies to co-workers, neighbors and even new gained family since Jarno, our oldest got engaged last week. The food was wonderful and it was so nice to see and chat with everybody before we leave.

go away cake

Go away cake

Now back to the bikes. Heinz has to finish up with both mine and his bike. He has to do a practice run with Dan, our house sitter, so he knows how to use various machinery like wood splitter, tractor, lawnmower etc, not to forget the washer dryer, dishwasher…

The weather is wonderful today, so…let’s get going!!

Oh wait, last clean up after the party, the rest is up to the kids, who will stay behind for the summer.


It was just wonderful to see all the friends/family and I really enjoyed the day. It reminded me that we do not spend enough time with friends and the people we love. We are all so busy and we don’t make enough time to cherish those relationships. At the end of the night I only had one regret: that I did not talk to everybody in great detail. The support and encouragement was overwhelming. Thanks my friends. Love you all.




5 thoughts on “Going Away Party/Weekend

  1. Beatrice

    It was great seeing you! Have a successful trip, health always and sunshine in your hearts! 🙂

  2. Henry Eckert

    Heinz and Feli;
    Enjoyed the party! Have a safe and wonderful trip of a lifetime. A book ” Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” describes Pirsig who aims towards a perception of the world that embraces both sides, the rational and the romantic. May you enjoy both.

  3. Gennette

    So proud of you guys for pursuing your dream! I’m looking forward to following along your adventure. Happy travels and have a safe journey!

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